Disinfect pimples. If inflammation is accompanied by break and drain pus, it is necessary to ensure disinfection – lubricate skin with special lotions alcohol-based. Such tools are not suitable for daily use, but as first aid in the breakout of zit perfect.

Clean the skin from dirt, dust and excess sebum. Acne becomes more inflamed and they long time to heal if skin is not cleaned regularly and properly. Morning and evening wash your face with cool water with the cleansing gel that contains disinfectant and drying components. During the day, clean the skin with antibacterial wipes, do not abuse cosmetics, once a week make a steam bath. Cleansing mask gently and use no more than twice a week.

Dries the skin. Pimples usually appear on oily skin that suffers from excess sebum. Tightening the pores and drying the skin lotions can contain ingredients zinc, salicylic acid, various plant extracts. From cosmetics prefer lightweight antibacterial powder, which does not weigh down the skin and does not clog pores.

Do not use aggressive scrubs and peels. Spotty skin should not be annoying, so give up exfoliating with large abrasive particles, intense fruit acids, homemade masks of irritating products (monitor the amount of lemon juice some fruits and berries to prepare the compositions).

Mask the pimples. While applying makeup, you can try to align the skin, to make it a uniform shade – use special concealers and correctors are different shades in order to conceal the redness, the inflammatory areas and marks from healed acne. All masking steps produce on the already applied Foundation, and the top pripudrivania the skin with a layer of transparent loose powder.

Don't squeeze pimples. Even if the tip of the pimple turns yellow or white, found the tip filled with pus, squeeze acne is strictly prohibited. You remove the top, but the bulk of pus will remain deeper, and to get rid of it, you will have to push hard. In the end, on the site of the pimple leaves scars, healed crusts fall off, exposing small scars, get rid of that very difficult.