You will need
  • -aloe;
  • -inflorescences calendula;
  • -nettle leaves;
  • -cucumber;
  • -carrot;
  • -egg yolk or honey.
Getting rid of pimples start with proper washing and care of your skin. To do this, define its type and pick up the funds for her intended. But, no matter what type it may be, in any case in need of cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.
Try to wash carefully, but no more than three times a day, so as not to destroy the natural protection of the skin. Frequent washing of the sebaceous glands begin to work harder, and in the end, acne can become not less but more. For washing, use plain water or add a drop of vinegar or lemon juice. It nourishes the skin and relieves it from excessive sweating, and hence pimples. But try not to overdo it with the acidic environment, so as not to overdry the skin.
Several times a day, wipe the skin with acne with an infusion of aloe leaves or juice of this plant. The infusion is prepared as follows. Cut off the leaves, rinse and soak them in the refrigerator for 10 days. Then chop and pour boiling water (1 part pulp come from 5 parts cold water). Leave it for one hour, then simmer for a few minutes and strain.
In a similar manner (10 days) keep the leaves for juicing. Only after grinding slurry should not be diluted with water, and just squeeze the juice and use for wiping face, as aloe Vera juice can not be stored.
Try to prepare as an infusion of calendula or nettle leaves. In the first case, take a tablespoon of inflorescences pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Leave for half an hour, strain and cool. This infusion can or RUB the skin, or lotions do.
If you want to make an infusion of nettle, take two tablespoons of leaves, pour two cups of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Ready means you need to ingest 3 times a day for months - half a Cup before meals. It is believed that nettle cleans the blood.
To fight acne you will also help ordinary cucumber. Grate it on a grater. Three spoonfuls of gruel pour two cups of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Cucumber mask put on your face. Can use a more aggressive version of this mask: simply grate cucumber and apply it to the pimples for 20 minutes.
Helps to get rid of acne and carrot mask. Mix grated vegetables with egg yolk or honey in equal proportions and apply for 15 minutes every day.
Finally forget about the pimples, if they are caused by improper food intake, will help fruit diet. For three days eat only fruit, and then make one month break. In addition, try not to eat fatty fish and meat, smoked foods, sweets, refined foods, replace all this dairy and fiber rich foods, vegetables and fruits. Don't forget about the importance of vitamin A.