Pillow during sleep required in connection with the structure of the human body. If you sleep without a pillow, the cervical vertebrae are bent, and the neck muscles do not relax. This can lead to back pain and headaches. Choosing the right pillow should support the head and neck. It is therefore very important to choose the right pillow.
When you purchase the pillow must take into consideration some factors. For example, the width of the shoulders. For broad-shouldered people recommended a higher cushion height from 14 to 17 cm (standard height of 10-14 cm).
If a person likes to sleep on my back, then he needs a low pillow. It should take into account the hardness of the mattress. The soft mattress to sleep on a low pillow will be more comfortable, if hard - it is better to choose a pillow higher.
Pillows are standard sizes have lengths of from 40 to 80 cm and width from 30 to 50 cm, Lovers of big pillows must remember that the pillow should not be wider than the mattress. Familiar to us are square and rectangular cushions, but lately there is a new look to this bedding orthopedic pillows. They have a special polewali made of a different material that better supports the neck and less bend the spine. Some orthopedic pillows made a special recess for the head.
To choose the right pillow for sleeping, you need to decide which filler material, it is preferable for you.
The old "antiquated" material for filling pillows, goose or Swan feathers. Advantages of feather pillows is that they provide good insulation and absorb and evaporate moisture, so easily regain their shape when mixing. But these pillows are absolutely contraindicated in people with allergies, as natural feathers and down infest ticks. Man sleeping on a pillow, constantly inhale their excrement.
Feather pillow you need at least once a year to dry in the sun, because due to high hygroscopicity it collects a lot of moisture inside. The lifetime of feather pillows is not more than five years. After this period, the pen begins to break down, and the pillow becomes a "sanatorium" for the mites. It would be better to throw it away and buy a new one.
Good natural filler for pillows is buckwheat hulls. This filler due to its aromatherapy properties, helps to relax after a hard day. Oversleeping husks inside the pillow allows it to easily follow the shape of the head, relieve the person from snoring and relieve fatigue in the limbs.
Very comfortable pillows with synthetic fillings – synthetic padding, komforel. They do not cause allergies, should be washed in the washing machine and dries quickly. Such pillows mites do not infest. Pillows synthetic fillers are 7-10 years, many of them for the convenience of washing a zipper.
Most modern filler is latex – a natural material made of foamed rubber. It is mainly used in orthopedic pillows. The elasticity of the material allows the pillow to support good head and neck.Weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of the proposed types of pillows and choose the one that will help you maintain your health!