Experts still have not come to a consensus, what age child needs a pillow. Someone claims that from birth, and anyone under 3 years of age is not recommended to use it. Here it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each baby, its position during sleep, as well as the testimony of the doctors.
Pillows are conventional orthopedic has the anatomical form and have a positive, and in particular, therapeutic effect for cervical vertebrae. It became very fashionable to buy orthopedic products, but do they bring benefit, not harm, to pick them up is necessary, based on the physical characteristics of each person. One orthopedic pillow to use for parents and their children, because it would not fit my size, height, hardness and other parameters to some of the consumers. Each person gets their own, otherwise it can damage, causing a pinched nerve, spinal curvature, poor circulation, etc.
Now you can find pillows for babies that have a special recess for the head. They operated in an average of 1-2 years. If the baby is no special indication for their use, then at first it is better to do without them, as long as the surface the beds were hard and no dents. Because many children like to sleep on my stomach, and in a small age, not yet able to roll over, the soft pillow can cause suffocation of the child. In orthopedic pillows is excluded, but a certain head position too can cause improper formation of the vertebrae.
Pillows made from different fillers, there are like artificial padding: polyester, holofayber, komforel, etc. and natural: the Pooh, sheep or camel wool, cotton, buckwheat husks, etc. Natural ingredients are good because not contain different impurities sometimes is not always useful, retain heat well, but can cause allergies. You should also be aware that cheap pen or a cotton pillow quickly fall down and become unusable. In any case, it is necessary to carefully read the part, touch it if there are lumps inside, because it speaks about the poor quality of the product. Buckwheat has a light massage effect, non-allergenic, but has a specific smell and rustling that can interfere with sleep. Artificial fillers are usually more durable, do not cause allergies, but can form dents and contain harmful substances (this manufacturers usually are not reported on the labels).
When choosing a pillow it is necessary to consider its parameters. It should not be more mattress, and the height of it should correspond to shoulder width. For preschoolers this is an average of 8-12 see If your child has allergies or a family has this tendency, it is not recommended to use natural fillings (wool, feathers), except buckwheat husks. It is desirable that the pillow can be washed, and adjusted in height by removing one of the layers.
If there is no testimony of doctors, it is not necessary to buy an orthopedic pillow, because improper selection can cause complications. If the professionals give advice, and in some cases, appoint such pillows, it is best to contact a specialized salon where you oberuc the desired product, or make it custom to your child. It is desirable that the kid himself was present and was able to test it in the store.
In any case, each person decides for himself what kind of pillow to choose to sleep your baby. The main thing that she liked your toddler and it was comfortable to sleep on it.