Fillers for pillows

There are two types of filling for pillows: natural and synthetic. Pillows with synthetic fillings are cheaper, they practically do not cause allergic reactions, they're very easy to care for.

Structure of synthetic fibres is breathable and soft, they can leak air, do not retain odors. The most common cushion filler holofayber, batting komforel (a small furry balls that have hypoallergenic properties).

But still some users stay on the natural stuff and not doing it in vain. For example, a pillow with down or feather is able to provide a good and comfortable sleep, easy to maintain, and if the cushion is worn out, it can be easily replaced, the price is more than affordable.

Only pillow with a down and feather fillers are not suitable for Allergy sufferers, this filler is capable of dwelling mite, which brings a lot of discomfort to the person and serves as a strong stimulus. The tick cannot be inferred from the cushion, so if it exists, the thing is, you must just throw it away.

The filler is made of sheep or camel wool moisture-proof, breathable, well-proven. Only when this pillow is not worth saving, not to run into a poor quality wool. Yes, and wash the product is very problematic, have to take it to the dry cleaners. For asthmatics and Allergy-free pillows with this filler is not suitable.

An excellent choice are pillows with bamboo filler. They are hypoallergenic, perfectly breathable, have antibacterial properties. These pillows can even be washed in the machine, so they appear in many apartments.

Cushion with vegetable fillers

Since we are constantly surrounded by artificial things, materials, and nature is far beyond the city limits, the pillow with vegetable fillers are gaining more and more popularity. Buckwheat husk, hops cones, sheaths of rice for reviews of many users help you to relax, have a massage effect and nice smell. The only drawback of a vegetable filler is a rustling at the movement, but this can be quickly used.

Before buying pillows on it to lie down, to check the product for comfort, stiffness, lack of unpleasant odors. These few rules will help you to choose the best option.