First plan where there should be a paved area, as it will surround the borders, how and where will drain rain water will be located where the sewers. Many have observed the construction work in the city and know that the Foundation put the rubble, and on top of the asphalt in several techniques. Depending on the load on the asphalted territory choose the thickness of the gravel and the number of layers of asphalt. For footpaths it is enough 15 cm of gravel and one layer of asphalt for roads with traffic of heavy transport is already laying the Foundation of a 35 cm of gravel and three layers of asphalt.
Typically, the asphalt must be at the same level as the rest of the territory. You need to dig a trench in the soil, so that the total thickness of the coating left in the ground, and upstairs was the last layer of asphalt. The earth is dug and shipped away, and the sides and bottom of the resulting trench compacted with a plate compactor or roller.
Now you can do nazyvaniem base of gravel. Crushed stone can be different factions. If the thickness of the base for the calculations does not exceed 15 cm, and pour a gravel medium fraction. Thicker base is recommended to make layered: in the bottom of the trench lay coarse gravel, the second layer is gravel 20-40 mm, then to 20 mm. Each layer is rolled by the roller at least five times. At this stage it is necessary to create a slope to the collecting of rainwater. To control the thickness of layers and angle of use special devices - levels.
Then laid the asphalt. Each layer of pavement thickness is 4-5 cm and rolled roller. Usually, 10 m2 of fabric takes about a ton of the asphalt mixture. The mixture is brought to the dump still hot, spread on the prepared surface of the base and compacted by a roller. Between layers of asphalt poured on the surface of the bitumen for better adhesion of the layers.
The larger the roller, the more it compacts the fabric. Therefore, if the asphalt is to drive heavy transport, then use rollers with weight from 6 ton. For footpaths enough rink at 2-4 tons. Some modern rollers are made with possibility of vibration, which increases their efficiency in compaction of the roadway several times. Periodically, the asphalt at packing should be sprinkled with water. On smaller tracks or in remote places using manual rollers, and vibratory rollers.