You will need
  • - agreement on binding with the owner of the second animal;
  • - direction to the stud club (if opened);
  • - muzzle;
  • - separate room.
Often owners of French bulldogs complain about the difficulty involved in their mating. If everyone is ready, and the "lady" does not give the male producing SADC, the reasons for this are: its unwillingness to mate, fear, and spoiled.
намордник своими руками
Observe the behavior of the females the first few minutes. Almost all of them first, snarling at the dog, not allowing him to get closer to him. This is not necessarily evidence of aggressiveness, often, it's just part of the ritual. It takes a few seconds and female French bulldog she approaches the dog starts to sniff it allows you to sniff himself and gives to lick the loop. But at the first attempt Sadky she usually starts to growl and jumps out of the way.
как подобрать спецснаряжение для собаки
Note that in the norm, after the dog made several attempts, bitch finally allows him to make SADC. But, unfortunately, many of the "ladies" then don't go flirting and all attempts males, they encounter aggressive.
надевать намордник
Slip into the female muzzle to keep from biting herself and her "Beau". Sit on a chair, turn a bitch to his face, hold her torso between his knees, firmly grasp two sides of the collar (even with a skin).
как отучить кобеля реагировать на течку
Don't push yourself too hard on the dog, or cover her with his body, as the dog usually wants to see a friend and to have the opportunity to sniff her, lick her face and ears. Let me in the room for a dog. Given the nature of the bitch, keep her calm at the time of the charge, or Vice versa, rein. Such restriction of freedom is often sufficient to "lady" ceased to resist mating.
как приучить собак разных пород к друг другу
If the dog is not moving from their courtship to more radical actions, encourage her. Problems happen mostly with young nerazgadannymi males. The first mating for the male becomes the final stage in the development of sex education. There is nothing wrong with that dog doesn't know what to do. Help him lift the front paws of a dog, put them on the rump bitches. Observe that its tail is not interfered with, was taken aside. Help the dog to find the loop.
If the bulldog jumps on the floor and doesn't want to do Zadok, take the bitch for a while in another room. Then return it and rate the activity of the male (usually it increases significantly).
If Warren refuses to Mature breeding male, it means that the bitch is not ready to process binding. Her eggs probably have not yet matured and therefore can't be fertilized. Experienced dog quickly identifies the willingness of bitches, sooner or later can refuse mating.