Bolero was first introduced as a component of the national Spanish costume. Historically, the Bolero is a short tank top. But current models are much transformed since its emergence on the fashion catwalks. Currently, fashion designers provide a choice of girls a lot of the models of Bolero. Bolero can be made with long or short sleeves.
This element of the wardrobe usually is made of the following materials: lace, organza, cotton and denim. You can buy any you like Bolero and wear it with dresses, skirts and lace blouses. Bolero looks perfect on almost any figure. So you are not limited in choice.
Bolero will look perfectly with office clothes, it will add rigor to the summer dress, this will hide the bare shoulders. Also, this piece looks great with cocktail or evening dress in floor length. Bolero is also often used to create wedding outfits. Satin, lace, or fur models will perfectly complement an evening outfit.
Bolero is perfect for those who want to hide their shortcomings: large shoulders or arms. Models made of knitted fabric, looks great with cotton tops and blouses in a formal style.
Autumn short coats can be worn in cloudy and cold weather. Knitted Bolero - a very impressive and stylish part of any wardrobe. This trend was relevant in past seasons. Very impressive handmade chunky knit. Warm models associated hand, will give grace to your image. The image can be supplemented with a pearl necklace.
Contrary to popular belief that the Bolero can only be used as a complement to formal outfit, it can be worn even with things to walk. To work in the office you can wear a dress with a cutout on top and Bolero. In this Bolero jacket will hide your open hands and give the image of sexuality.
Current models can be short or long sleeves. It all depends on your preferences. Fashion designer is often used in jewelry as brooches, embroidery and various sequins and rhinestones.
In the colors of the actual Bolero is dominated by classic colors: black, beige and white. Most designers agreed that the fabric of bright colors - ideal when creating models. Juicy, bright and flashy colors - that is the actual palette of fashionable models of Bolero.