Reread your copy of the loan agreement. Scroll to find on the early repayment of the loan. There will be given all the terms of this action. The Bank may establish a moratorium on the repayment of the loan within a few months after the opening of the Treaty. This means that to make money you will be able only after a certain number. Also for early contract closure can be provided penalties. The Bank uses this measure in order to not lose profit, because the customer in case of refund the entire amount will not have to pay interest for the duration of the contract. If this is true, and find information about whether you can extinguish the credit ahead of schedule in parts or is it only possible after the introduction of the entire amount.
Find out the exact amount that you will need to make. It can be found in the payment schedule, in the column dedicated to the outstanding principal balance after the payment of the next monthly payment. If the graphics you have, please call the call center of your Bank. Calling your name, passport number and, if available, the code word, you will be able to know how much you have left to pay.
Calculate how profitable you will be early repayment. You should put all of the money you will save on the interest on the loan, and compare them with the Commission and Bank penalty for early closing the loan agreement.
If the repayment will be best for you, come to the Bank with your passport and money. Complete the application for credit account, then through cash or ATM cash Deposit your money. It is also useful to obtain from the Bank a certificate stating that you have fully repaid the loan. This will save you from the risk that subsequently, you will require an additional amount. Such documents are best kept at least a few years.