You will need
  • - Power Point;
  • - Movie Maker.
The main part of the presentations of the second type is created using the Power Point program. It comes with Microsoft Office applications. For changes to this presentation, use the specified program or utility from the group of Open Office.
Install the selected application. Then restart the computer. Run the program Power Point. Click on the icon located in the upper left of the work window and select "Open". Go to presentation and select the desired file.
Wait for the download of the project into the program. In the left column, find the position you want to add a picture. Click the right mouse button in a free area between two adjacent images. Select "new slide".
Select the window that contains information about the slide. Basically the desktop find the icon "Insert picture from file" and click it with the left mouse button. With running the Windows Explorer menu, select the desired image. Select it and click "Open".
Save the project after adding the desired items. To do this, press Ctrl and S or use the menu "File".
If the presentation was created using Movie Maker or equivalent, then run a specified utility. Open the menu "File" and select "Open project".
After downloading information from the program menu, press Ctrl and A. to Locate the image, highlight it with the left mouse button and click "Add".
After downloading the file, on the project menu, move it with the left mouse button in the strip imaging. Place the picture between two adjacent slides. Create the finished video file using the "Save to avi", available in the menu "File". To handle such projects, you can also use Adobe Premier.