You will need
  • - rubber strip;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - clean rags;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - a set of wrenches.
Visit the auto parts store and buy the little rubber seals designed for fuel line. They are disposable, so wear out quickly. When removing and replacing the fuel pumpand replaced the old gaskets you need to install a new one.
Carefully read the user manual of the car Lada Priora. If you do not have it, visit the website and forum owners Prior. There you will be able to find detailed photos of the process of dismantling the fuel pump.
If the old fuel pump is inoperable, then buy a new one. Thus it is necessary to buy a pump only that brand that is recommended by AVTOVAZ factory. Use of spare parts from third-party manufacturers increases the risk of sudden breakage of car.
Note that the self-replacement of the fuel pumpand should be performed only if the warranty is over. Personal intervention interrupts the factory warranty and salon.
Turn off the car and fold down the rear seat of the car. Take a screwdriver with a cross blade and remove the two screws that secure the fuel pump. Carefully open the small hatch.
Find all the pads of the wires connected to the ports on the fuel pump. Disconnect them and label so as not to confuse the reverse connection.
Start the vehicle and wait for the moment when he stops. After this turn the ignition on for ten to fifteen seconds to the starter spun. It is necessary to reset the pressure in the fuel system. Will definitely follow this step! Otherwise, the risk of detonation of fuel is very great!
Carefully disconnect all tubing for the fuel line. The ends wrap into a clean cloth, to avoid soiling the interior with gasoline.
Find all the nuts and gently loosen them. Remove the retaining ring and remove from the groove housing the fuel pump.
On the lower part of the housing of the fuel pumpand there are two thin bands. Remove them. Then disconnect the small trough of bright plastic.
Clean the mesh with semi-rigid brush moistened in gasoline. If she came in complete disrepair, then install the new one.
Assemble in reverse order.