As propagated ivy

For reproduction use of ivy cuttings, cuttings and shoots. To propagate ivy is better in may and June to keep the plants well rooted before autumn.

To propagate ivy first method, you need to cut the stem and planted them in pots on 2-3 pieces, cover it with foil. The soil for cuttings is prepared from sand and foliage of the earth.
It is better to take the cuttings with aerial roots, they are well rooted.

For propagation cuttings of ivy, you must take the long shoots and use them to make cuts, and then sprinkle them with earth. When the shoots are rooted, they should be separated and transplanted.

To propagate the plant shoots can be as follows. Take escape with 8-10 leaves and press it into the sand, leaving only the surface of the leaves. After 10 days, the stem will be underground roots where the kidneys. At this stage, the escape you need to pull out of the ground and cut so that each segment was the root and the leaf. These cuttings should be planted in prepared soil.

How to grow ivy

Ivy – the plant is undemanding, so care for him is quite simple. The soil must be fertile. It grows well in the ground rich in humus and containing lime. Several times over the summer, the ivy to feed. To make better feeding after watering. For this you can use a liquid mullein diluted with water in proportion 1:5 or complex mineral fertilizers for ornamental plants.

So ivy is well growing and developing, it is necessary to monitor the soil moisture and watering it. In the evening, the plant should be sprayed with water to prevent diseases and pests.

Ivy does not tolerate direct sunlight, but grows well in well-lit or palestiniennes.

The ends of the shoots periodically pinch back, then ivy will be more bushy with an abundance of lush green foliage.
In winter, the stems of the ivy, when they are located on a vertical support, covered with burlap or other material. A plant that creeps along the ground sprinkled with dry leaves.

Room ivy

The ivy plant is not only for garden decoration, there are varieties that are grown at home. Potted ivy is propagated by cuttings, which, after rooting planted in pots with garden soil. Repot it once a year in early spring.
House plant abundantly watered during the summer, and in winter watering should be reduced. Water to moisten the soil you need to use at room temperature.