You will need
  • mustard powder
  • - warm water
Mustard is known for its cleaning qualities and the range of its application is so wide that it is possible to wash both body and dishes. If you apply mustard to wash it, it will not only make your hair clean, but also heal them. Mustard to treat hair loss, their fragility and increased oiliness of the scalp.
But before you run to the bath with a sachet of mustard, find out whether you are allergic to wheat. Never use for cultivation of mustard in the boiling water or just very hot water. Mustard when in contact with water begins to secrete essential oil, the higher the temperature, the more pungent they become, so try to take water a nice warm temperature.
If the mustard is fresh, be sure to add to it anything that can mitigate its impact. For example, yogurt, egg yolk or a little honey.
Spread 2 tablespoons of mustard in 0.5 liters of warm water, spread the mixture on the hair and leave for influence for 10 minutes. This time can be used to hold other hygiene procedures. Rinse the mustard out of his hair. Better to do it under running water, and in the pelvis, lowering into the water a hair, and vypolaskivat them as underwear. Under ordinary hard shower aboutto wash your hair from mustard powder with no residue, dried-up nuggets will look to clean the head, like dandruff.
After shampooing, apply on hair conditioner or rinse them with vinegar.
Remember, the mustard dissolves fat, so if you have dry ends of your hair, brush them before washing with honey or vegetable oil to prevent damage. Don't be alarmed occurs when the wash of light burning, essential oils encourage blood flow to the scalp, which contributes to supply hair nutrients.
If you want to wash your head in mustard powder, but can not decide on this step, try to start to mix mustard with your usual shampoo. If the wash and the effect of it is you like, you can go to one only mustard powder.