Thirty years ago, the word "ambitious" had a negative connotation, like the word "wealth", "status", etc., furthermore, these careerists and slightly later time often felt guilty for his success. Since then, the world has changed, but, unfortunately, not so much changed our minds. This also applies to those who thirty years ago didn't even: such a consciousness they passed. To build a career, you need first of all within ourselves to let go of understanding career as something negative or unnecessary. Often we fail to do anything well just because we don't like to do it. Therefore, career development should be for you a positive and exciting experience. Try to think in this way: career is a self-realization and self-development, if I'm ambitious, I'll make a good career and be wealthy enough to fulfill their own goals and to help the family. The main would be that, firstly, career is a must for your personal development, and secondly, becoming more financially sound person, you will be able to bring more benefit to others. In addition, to set goals and achieve them is interesting.
We often hear that the graduate, and especially secondary special educational institutions, it is difficult to get a job: all require experience, but it is not... well, try to get at least somewhere below this experience to buy! And do not delay employment until the end of University or College: the sooner you start a career, the faster you'll learn and be able to do important and interesting work, and have a good income. Don't listen to those who believe that in student's years it is best just to have fun: such arguments have to just "go with the flow of life" that should not be attributed to the truly ambitious. Initially, you are unlikely to be offered a decent salary, however, your primary goal is to gain experience and to learn something. In a sense this is my first low paid job, where you still forgive your mistakes of inexperience, will teach you much more than 5-6 years at the University. You will understand the algorithms the simplest, but important steps will learn how to build a business in your area.
This can be difficult at first you have to drop thoughts in the style of "let them try to find someone on my salary, I work well". First, you will find now a lot of people who sincerely are willing to work for very little money, just to work in Moscow as somewhere impossible to find work at all. Secondly, all of you can benefit. Let your work and underpaid, but if you can learn a lot from it, it will be useful to you. If you just spend your time for little money, of course, is to try to change it. It is not necessary to work at the same place a year or more, if the benefits of such work.
To build a career, not just be a good performer. Improve your knowledge - read professional literature (at least 20-30 minutes a day!). Communicate with colleagues, follow interesting articles on your specialty on the Internet. That's how you become one of the most knowledgeable people in the company, and it will not go unnoticed.
Have you noticed that most people (e.g. your employees) as if just going to work, because they have nowhere else to go in the morning? And exactly at 18: 00 they hurry home, complaining of fatigue, and expressing his joy, that the day is finally over. You should not do as well as they: be on the contrary enterprising and active, show that you love the work and want to do it. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification to better fulfill the mission entrusted to you, and also to give suggestions. On the background of your employees you will be very visible and your guide you will surely appreciate. In addition, because you like your job? If so, want to work more and not hurry home - this is normal.
For those who want to build a career, should not refuse opportunities for more education or skill (e.g. English language courses). First, it is also a development that will certainly be appreciated. Second, there are things that will be useful in any job - for example, English is needed very much now.