Note: in order to speak the language (either Ukrainian or any other), you must have sufficient vocabulary. Therefore, your first step should be the study of individual words and expressions. For this approach such as electronic dictionaries, which is on the Internet, but ordinary (you can buy them in a bookstore or borrowed from the library). By the way, it is not necessary to purchase a large edition, which we have so far. To start with and pocket dictionary, which will contain the necessary materials.
Simultaneously, train and pronunciation, learn exactly how to read every word. This will help you a transcription that is specified in the dictionary next to the word, or a special audio application (it can be sold separately or included with the book). To better remember what you read, pronounce everything out loud.
To help in practicing the pronunciation of can and separate audio courses, aimed at simultaneously vocabulary and knowledge on cross-cultural nature. The content of such materials are, as a rule, dialogue in the language (often with subsequent translation into Russian language), monologues on a particular theme. To consolidate their knowledge and at the same time to get used to the sound of speech the speakers should be at the help of watching movies in Ukrainian or listen to Ukrainian radio stations.
Remember that it is impossible to learn to speak a foreign language without knowledge of even basic grammar rules. You must know how to construct sentences to know the word order as in declarative and in interrogative sentence, not to forget about the excuses, ways of declension of nouns and conjugation of verbs. Otherwise, without this you will not connect the two words.