You will need
  • - documents for object input in operation;
  • package of documents for registration of property rights.
If you have completed and plan to introduce it in operation, before the start of the construction of the facility has obtained a permit and construction passport from the Department of architecture and Gradoconstruction, contact the district administration with the statement.
You will receive regional Commission. Based on examination of the completed structure will be act. This document you are required to coordinate with representatives of regional departments of fire protection, sanitary and epidemiological station, district Department of housing and communal services, energy companies, supplying electricity, gas and heat. You will sign the act of agreeing, then you can proceed to make a technical and cadastral documents.
For technical and cadastral registration documents, please contact the Bureau of technical inventory, send a request to call technical engineer. Present your passport, certificate of approval, the building permit, construction certificate and all copies of documents.
Your build will inspect, will make him the technical plan on the basis of which will draw technical, cadastral passport and a plan.
Technical passport will remain with you, the cadastral passport and the plan will be stored in the BTI. Get extracts from the cadastral records.
Next, we turn to the state registration chamber. Present all the paperwork and photocopies, fill in the application form, pay the state fee for the registration. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership. The object will be considered entered in operation.
Absolutely different will be the appearance of the object of unauthorized construction, on which you have not obtained permission and have not issued the construction certificate. You will have to complete permits, and only after that you will be able to enter the building in operation by the specified method.
To obtain a permit and construction certificate for the illegally constructed building, contact a licensed company, invite the architect. You will draft and sketch buildings. Then you have to contact the Department of architecture, to the act of agreeing to sign it in all departments: administration, public services, fire brigade, SES, engineers. On the basis of the agreed act you will be given a permit and a construction certificate after the fact. Further clearance is done in the usual way.
If you can't reconcile the constructed object with some departments, refer the application to the court. Based on the resolution you will be allowed to enter the building in operation or force forcibly to dismantle it. This can happen because of violations of building codes or when the construction of the facility communications systems of the city.