Advice 1: How to make a registration form

Almost any Internet site have the function of registering user – by registering, the visitor becomes certain privileges, can receive private messages, leave comments, chat with other users, track the status of their online orders, and more. If you have created a website and want to include a registration form for visitors, you can create this form using simple HTML language.
How to make a registration form
Start to create a registration form with tag <form></form> between which you need to have additional tags, enabling users to type in a form its own data.
If your form is to use a php script for processing, the form tag will have an action attribute. If the script is not used, add to the tag the method attribute. To create a single-line input fields use the following code: <input type="text" name="text" />.
If you want the characters entered in a string that is displayed as asterisks enter after input tipe instead of the value text value of password. As an example, a simple registration form with a field for text input into a single line include the following code:
the <head>
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251">
the <body>
<form method="post" action="send.php">
<p>Enter your username:</p>
<input type="text" name="text" />
<p>Enter your password:</p>
<input type="password" name="password" />
In order to complete the registration form click "Send", change the code by inserting between the tags <form> tag <input value="Send" />. As you can see, the methodology of creation of forms of registration on the website is very simple, and it is for everyone who has already encountered markup language HTML.

Advice 2: How to create a registration form on the website

If you have created your website, sooner or later you will need to do a form check, to allow users to enter different information. For the creation and installation of this form is required knowledge of PHP, HTML, or other languages for web programming. But there are easier ways to create forms registration.
How to create a registration form on the website
You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
  • mounted on it the browser
Sign up for the service, which will allow you to createand set any webform for your website. Including on this service you can create a registration form. This online service When you create a form, enter a name for your project, as well as shape. The number of forms in the same project indefinitely. Therefore, in this respect nothing is off-limits.
Add fields to the formto make the form of registration. To do this, type the field name and select its type from the list. There are some types of fields. As: number, multiline text, text line, date, country, and so on. And there are about 20 types of fields. Next, note that each field has its own functionality. Hover the mouse cursor on the field and select preferences for this field (size, default, description). Creating registration form in this service allows you to use the following field characteristics: size – set the desired field size in pixels; default – enter the text that will automatically appear in the to field of your form; validation – this option is used to control the information entered in the form.
Klasnice menu "Widgets", set the appearance of your form. Change the color of text, background, font type. Install a captcha on request. Also in this menu there are settings for the functioning of the form. To integrate the registration form on the website, copy the code and place it in the right place of the website. You can also create a form of feedback or contact form, which is necessary for the functioning of your project. When the form is created online database that will store all the information about the user accounts. The system enables management of the database (searching, grouping, and sorting records).

Advice 3: How to make a order form for website

Placing the form of the order on the website very effectively. With this form patients do not have to wait until the working day in order to buy goods or orderservices to be. In addition, if the data from the form will be sent by e-mail, do not need to write a script to handle data of the order on the server. You can create the form of the order to the websiteusing the markup language HTML (HyperText Markup Language).
How to make a order form for website
Start a text editor and create a new page. Place the cursor between the tags <body> in the place on the page where you want to position the form.
Enter the opening tag <form> with the attribute method is "post". In addition, add the action attribute with a mailto and the email address that will receive the results of form-filling. For example:
<form method="post" action="">
Enter the name of the form element, e.g. "Your name".
Type the <input> tag and input type="text" inside the tag to create a text field. Enter the attribute name and assign any value of your choice to identify this information when it is sent to you. Finally, the value of the value attribute, such as "Enter your name", will show a prompt to users when completing a particular part of the form. For example:
<input type="text" name="customer_name" value="Enter your name" />
Repeat the process from step 4 but this time enter type="radio" to create a button that the visitor clicks to choose between the two options. In addition, add the corresponding attributes value. For example:
<input type="radio" name="cash" value="cash" /> (Payment in cash)
<input type="radio" name="cc" value="сreditcard" /> (credit card Payment)
Enter other <input> element and set the type equal to "checkbox" to enable users to select more than one option in the form of the order. For example:
<input type="checkbox" name="contact_me" value="contact" />(Contact me when the order will be shipped)
<input type="checkbox" name="send_newsletter" value="newsletter" />(to Subscribe)
Create a "Send" button, typing the <input> tag and type equal to "submit" value assign a value to Send. In addition, in another <input> tag do the "Reset" button, setting the type equal to "reset" and the value is appropriately Reset. For example:
<input type="submit" value="Send" />
<input type="reset" value="Reset" />
The "Send" button is designed to send the data, and the "Reset" button for clearing the form if required.
Enter the closing tag </form> to complete the form. Save the page.

Advice 4: How to edit registration form in joomla

Form registration is a built-in module panel Joomla. In order to add it, you do not need to be an expert in web programming. However, if you decide to change it, this can be realized by a component Community Builder or manually. Just need to edit the correct items, learn the basics of web development.
How to edit registration form in joomla
Go to Joomla administration panel and open the settings built-ins. Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Create". A window will appear "the plugin Manager", where you can select and activate a form of registration. Specify the desired name for the header check the box next to "Show header".
Go to "Initial text" in the form module registration and edit the default text for the visitors if it doesn't suit you. "Login" you can choose how to name the user is on the website: by name or login. Click "Save" for the changes to take effect.
Download Community Builder component on your website. Go to "Upload package file" and click "Browse". After selecting the documents, click on the button "Download and install". Go to admin panel and run the installed component.
Open the tab "Registration" and make any necessary changes to the form of registration. This app is very convenient to use, but if you want to change only one or two fields, it may be easier to edit manually.
Create a backup of the files that you will edit to make adjustments to the form of registration. This will allow you to roll back all actions and to restore the site in case of failure. Determine which field you want to edit or add. For example, you want to add to the form check the City field.
Open the file default.php that is the link components/com_user/views/register/tmpl. Add display of "City" by inserting in the form, check the corresponding HTML code. For this you can copy any other item and edit it under the town (city). Make these changes in the table jos_users. Open the file user.php that is the link libraries/joomla/database/table. Add a new variable. Save the settings and restart the website.

Advice 5: How to make temporary registration without an owner

Not always a happy new settlers manage to fulfill the requirement of the law on registration at place of stay (temporary registration) deadline – 90 days. Sometimes the reason may be the unwillingness or inability of the owner of the apartment be in the appropriate organization for carrying out registration actions.
How to make temporary registration without an owner

Of course, if the owner has not expressed a desire to legitimize your temporary stay in his dwelling, the register will not work. The exception is when you are registering your minor child at the place of its incorporation. In this case, the consent of the owner are necessary.

But if the problem with a temporary registration is only for lack of desire from the owner to visit with you employees responsible for receiving documents for registration, the regulations envisage the possibility to obtain temporary registration and without the presence of the owner.

If the basis for the universe is a contract of employment, you can submit a notarial contract in the mail with the other application documents (copy of passport, completed application). In such a situation, the persons responsible for the acceptance of documents, there is no charge for certification of copies of this agreement, and the owner of the premises not to affix his signature in the statement.

If there is a possibility to submit only the contract in writing, that the responsible persons are required to certify the signature of the owner and registered person in the application. In this situation, without the presence of the owner is not enough.

A certificate of registration at the place of stay can also be obtained via mail.

Although the presence of the owner in obtaining the temporary registration are not required to hope that he didn't know about the new tenants, not worth it. After performed registration procedures, the FMS will send notification to the registered on its housing face.

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