Open the main window of Norton antivirus programs. In the settings of the security settings in the tab "Automatic protection", check the value of the temporary shutdown protection – an hour or two, until the computer is restarted, etc. At the same time completely disable the program, you can not, because such item is not provided by the developers at all. This is due to particular security settings on your system, a malicious program can terminate applications on behalf of the user.
Try to disable antivirus in a different way. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del and you will appear on the screen a small window is the task Manager. Select the tab "Processes", find the word EGUI.
Click the right mouse button and select "End process" or "End process tree". The system will give a warning that this action may affect other programs, so turn off the antivirus just in case it is really necessary and don't forget to include it for further protection after.
If you want to disable the antivirus Norton with its subsequent removal, click on the start menu, select in the installed programs folder "Norton Internet Security". Select, if available, select "Uninstall a program" and follow the instructions of the system perform the desired action. Can also remove the program through "control Panel" by going to the menu "add or remove programs.
Find antivirusnik in the list, click "Uninstall". If the system will fail to uninstall because the program is running, use task Manager and end the process in the same way as described in the previous step. This item is not recommended for use because the computer should be protected with antivirus system.