To renew a license for Dr. Web is very simple. For this you just have to visit the official website of the company at the address and use the wizard renewals.
For license renewal you will need the product serial number or a key file contained in the root directory of the program. The serial number you can also learn from the liner on the inner side of the packaging box.
The serial number must be entered in specified fields on the page renewal of license. Or find on your computer key file and specify it via the website. Then click "Send". Then just follow the wizard prompts.
The policy of the company DrWeb allows you to extend the license as still valid or already expired. Even if the license for your antivirus ran out a few months ago, any obstacle that is updated will not occur.
If in the process of renewing the license, the user encounter any difficulties or questions, he can always ask for help in technical support or through the feedback form ( the phone numbers listed on the home page. Although the official term reaction to a request via the feedback form within 48 hours, in practice it comes much faster and usually the answer comes in the next couple of hours.