The starting point of the runic horoscope is the day of the vernal equinox. It begins with a new annual cycle. Born March 23 to April 5, corresponds to the rune of "FEU" or the cattle. These are active people and great owners. They are easy going and are endowed with great creative potential.
The rune "Uruz" (force, power) is the patron for people born in the period from 6 to 21 April. It's strong people who can sacrifice everything for the sake of achieving their own goals.
Anyone who was born 22 April – 6 may corresponds to the rune "Thurisaz", which means giant, spike. It is primarily fighters, overcoming all your fears.
Born may 7 – may 21 protects the divine rune "Ansuz". Those born under the influence of the runes of the creative personality, they are sociable and artistic.
Rune "Raido" protects born on 22 may to 6 June. It means the way and gives people a balanced character. They try to keep everything under control.
From 7 to 22 June is the time of the rune "Kenaz" or torch flame. It gives people clarity of thought and greater creativity.
Under the influence of the rune "Gebo" (a gift, partnership) are people whose birthday falls in the period from 23 June to 7 July. This contradictory nature, freedom-loving, but great helpers and comrades.
Rune "Wunjo" or the culmination of joy protects the born 8 through July 23. This is a light fleece, it'll give a person's imagination and helps the fulfillment of desires.
Born on 24 July – 8 August are influenced by the runes "Hagalaz" (natural destruction, hail). These are strong people who at times need to demolish everything old in order to see the future growth and new.
Rune "Nautiz" (need, necessity) protects born 9 – August 23. "Nautiz" helps to turn all weaknesses into strengths and develop self-sufficiency.
All who are born in the period from 24 August to 8 September, is under the influence of the rune ISA or ice. This is a very responsible people, slow and measured.
Rune "yera" (cyclical) matches born on 9 – Sep 23 and gives people consistency in their actions, their main ally is patience.
24 September-8 October – period of the runes "Eyvaz" (support, protection). Born under its influence persistent and hardy.
Rune "Perth" protects born in the second half of the Scales (9 – 23 October). It is secretive people, who under any circumstances are not change their principles.
Under the influence of the rune "Algiz" are those who were born from October 24 to November 7. "Algiz" gives them enormous vitality.
Born 8 – November 23 protects the rune "Sole" (the sun). This is a remarkably resilient people who can cope with any circumstances.
Rune "Tevas" or courage influences born 24 November to 7 December. As a rule, people are willing to fight for their ideals and principles.
All who are born in the second half of the astrological sign Sagittarius (8 – 22 December), are under the protection of the rune "berkana", or birch. It gives people Yin energy of peace and creativity.
23 Dec – 6 Jan rune corresponds to "Evaz" (horse). Born in this period people are good teachers and mentors.
Rune "Mannaz" or integrity affects people whose birthday falls on the period from 7 to 21 January. It is, as a rule, shy people, not used to attract attention.
Under the auspices of the rune "Laguz" or the water are all those who were born from January 22 to February 5. By its nature it is unpredictable people have good intuition.
Rune Inguz (fertility) affects those born in the second half of the sign of Aquarius (6 – 20 Feb). This people mood, creative, often pioneers.
21 February – 5 March – the time of the rune "Odal", which stands for heritage. It gives people talents and helps to implement them in practice.
Under the influence of the rune "Dagaz" (day, transformation) are all those who were born from 5 to 22 March. This rune runic completes the circle or cycle. All who are born in this period are unpredictable and volatile in their behavior.