You will need
  • - Lac;
  • - color lakes;
  • - needles, brushes of different thickness, or gel pens;
  • - rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • - colored sand;
  • - top coat.
Pick a color means for coloring the nails. For high-contrast images suitable bright paints, for casual style to take a more relaxed color. Now you need to choose a tool with which you have to apply patterns on nails. It can be a brush, a needle, helium pen or toothpick.
The needle patterns are displayed on a liquid varnish. Take the tools of different thickness. Small details fit the needle is thinner, and large – with a thick tip. Apply the nail lacquer primary, not wait until it dries. Top drip tool a different color. Quickly start to display patterns, keep your needle from the nail, your movements should be light.
Try to complete the pattern before the nail Polish dries. When the image is ready, allow it to dry. To varnish is kept as long as possible, cover the ornament on top of the binder. This means you need to use after a manicure.
Brush the procedure of drawing performs a little differently. Paint nails main varnish, wait for it to dry out. The tool is suitable for painting only saturated colors and light. It must be clearly seen not to hold the same line several times. For the image's outline, take a fine brush, the contours and glitter apply a broader brush. To mix colors, draw on nepodsuden lacquer.
Very convenient to draw a picture with gel pens. Tools with a metallic sheen - this gel is thick, which greatly facilitate the work. Paint the nail varnish-basis and leave it to dry. Now can output the desired patterns, wait until the gel is completely dry.
Beautifully overcame nails with microsistemi or colored sand. Apply the main lacquer, do not wait until it dries. Wet brush or a needle in the water and dip in a jar of colored sand. Apply stuck the beads on wet nail Polish. Mikrobleski just sprinkle on the nail.