The choice of tools for manicure

To varnish went perfectly smoothly, it is important to choose the right tools for a manicure. The easiest way to apply a glossy enamel bright and dark tones. Light varnishes are much cranky, they can Shine and to lay down strips. Not very easy to apply also lucky with mother of pearl and matte. The latter dries very quickly and can solidify ugly bumps.

If you are sure that you will be able to paint your nails for a couple of minutes, do not buy quick-drying varnishes. They are fixed on the nail instantly, so it is necessary to apply them with a few precise brush strokes. Choose classic enamel, preferably a liquid. They are distributed on the nails, hiding the small bumps.

Be sure to use the leveling base coat. It will smooth plate, nail on top of the base will lie neater and will last longer. To fix the manicure will help glittery top that is applied over colored nail Polish. It will hide small imperfections and will give your nails a beautiful luster.

Paint the nails according to the rules

Before you start coloring, do manicures. Cut or move the cuticle, adjust side bolsters, align the length of your nails. Then sand plate polishing block. First apply the nail more rough side, cleaning the grooves, then Polish it with a soft buff. Wipe the plates with liquid varnish remover. It will degrease the nails and improve adhesion of the lacquer to the plate.

Cover the nail lining protective base. Thoroughly dry it and start painting. Check whether varnish has thickened. If it seems too sticky, add in a bottle a few drops of thinner. Do not use the liquid nail Polish remover or acetone, these funds will ruin the enamel.

Stir the varnish by rubbing the vial between the palms. Put your hand on a hard surface such as a table edge. Dip the brush into the vial. Install it in the center of the plate, and then push the cuticles to the edge of the brush accurately described the cuticle. Then slide the brush along the side cushion to the left and to the tip of the nail. Again dip the brush in the same way, paint the right side of the nail. After that, the tips of the hairs slide the end plate.

Allow varnish to dry and cover the nails with the second layer. Try to get the right amount of varnish, to enamel did not spread on the nail. Check coating density, bringing nails to the light. Smooth painted plates are not visible stripes or patches in it. If the gaps still visible, apply another layer of varnish.

Fix the manicure with a top-drying. Apply a thick layer and dry the coating. If around the cuticle and side bolsters noticeable streaks of enamel, wipe synthetic flat brush dipped in liquid varnish remover.