Move the furniture. This is the first thing you can do in that case, if your room is spacious enough and the furniture not too bulky. Thus, for example, you can achieve the architectural effect is called zoning. Arrange furniture "Islands", according to its purpose (holiday, work, visit). In addition to simple rearrangement, the creation of areas you will cover, a Mat on the floor, the specifics of lighting.
Try changing your roomusing new textiles. This is one of the easiest and quite popular design techniques. Many Housewives have at their disposal several sets of curtains – bed covers – decorative cushion covers different styles, or just different colors. These kits can consist of objects of the same color, but different textures, or different shades of the same color. A great addition to the textile solution may be the same color accents in other objects in the room – for example, bright vase, photo frame, poster. Another kind of textile solution is considered to be a vestment of furniture in the same or contrasting fabric covers give the interior a stylistic integrity. The absence of textiles is also an option, especially if you like minimalism. Replace curtains with blinds, remove from the furniture covers and blankets, but at the same time eliminate the interior of the room from the small things and trinkets, leaving the space of the room as much as possible free space.
Get decorating. This will not only decorate your room, but will develop creative abilities and will give you a lot of fun. Here the scope for creativity is truly boundless. If the room has an empty wall, it can be decorated with pictures in frames of different sizes. On the wall to place a large number of children's drawings covered the top with a sheet of plexiglass. Can be placed in the room a few decorative detail that sets a very specific tone, for example, Chinese lanterns instead of lamps, the veil in the technique of patchwork, decorative panels on the wall. If you have some collection, you can arrange it and decorate her room.
Remember that mirrors create a gorgeous visual effects in the room. The mirror can be a ceiling, a wall or some part of it. Mirrors create the illusion of spaciousness in narrow and low spaces. Filling your home with mirrors, don't forget to keep them clean.
Turn your room into a green garden. This method is suitable for those who know how to care for plants and gets pleasure from it. Green plants not only amazingly transform a room, but also purify the air and create a favourable climate in the room.