You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - installed "Photoshop".
Having studied all the possibilities of the software, which the program quite a lot, you will be able to claim the title of best photographers. This knowledge is useful in design process photos while creating a variety of borders and templates, and in the process of creation of masterpieces for Internet sites.
Because for them, the image must meet all the requirements and formats of web design and programming. And in this creative process "Photoshop" - your best helper. At least, with the processing of images is greatly simplified.
In order to begin improving the image, open it via the menu "File" - "Open", "Open" or "Import". Select the picture and load it into the program. Then proceed to the processing of images. Perform the edit using the menu "File", save the image. But in this case you will need to use option "Save for web and devices". Or pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S.
In the opened new window specify the settings of the processed images. Here you can choose the image format, color, transparency, animation, size, and other settings. To see how your photo will look on the website, you can, without leaving the program. To do this, simply click the "View". Then in the opened window of your browser you will see the edited and prepared to load the image.
If the result will satisfy you, you can finish the job with a picture, after saving and saving it the code that the program creates automatically when you load the site while browsing. Click "finish" and if there are no more images for editing, you can exit the program. Before closing the "Photoshop" don't forget to save the modified photo.