In the evening put on a bedside table, coffee or any other refreshing drink. In the morning it would help you to Wake up. Later in the evening try not to drink alcohol and coffee. Otherwise, your sleep will be strong and meaningful, because the body will excrete the alcohol and caffeine.
The clock should stand as far away from the bed, in another room or at the far end of the bedroom. Then you will be forced to quickly stand up, only to turn it off. If you find it difficult to Wake up in the winter, when the sun rises later, buy a special alarm clock with backlight. In the time he will gradually become brighter, creating an artificial dawn.
Use the methods of aromatherapy. Put it next to the bed of aromatic oils with the scent of grapefruit, peppermint or orange. Can purchase a bottle of smelling salt, which helps not only to cheer but also to freshen up. Also get rid of sleepiness by using charge contrast showers and a delicious Breakfast.
Check the ringtone for the alarm. The default sounds are too sharp, they just irritate. Select the melody that you like. Do not change it, let the body get used to Wake up to this music. Over time, it will be easier to get up.
To help may Wake up another way. Starting with the little finger, massage your earlobes and each finger from the tip to the base, repeat this two or three times. In these places is full of nerve endings which are stimulated during a massage and awaken the entire body.
Pour in a glass of warm water, now pour it into the empty glass. Do it approximately one to two minutes, then the water enriched with oxygen. Drink it - drowsiness should go away. Morning ritual of waking up should always be the same, not to knock the body off.