Advice 1: How to fry seafood mix

Sea cocktail is called a mixture of octopus, squid, mussels, shrimp and many other marine products. With the help of this ingredient you can cook a lot of exotic, healthy and tasty dishes.
How to fry seafood mix
You will need
    • The first recipe:
    • 400g seafood mix;
    • vegetable mix (bell pepper
    • green beans
    • tomatoes
    • celery
    • zucchini
    • carrots) 350g;
    • vegetable oil;
    • soy sauce;
    • fresh herbs to taste;
    • garlic 1-2 cloves.
    • The second recipe:
    • seafood mix 500 g;
    • mixed salad leaves rocket and red chard(Tango Mix "Belaya Dacha") 100 g;
    • soy sauce 2 tbsp;
    • clove of garlic 2 PCs.;
    • vegetable oil 1 tbsp
    • For the sauce:
    • thick cream(not less than 25%
    • or creme fraiche) 2 tbsp;
    • lime juice 2 tbsp;
    • olive oil 2 tbsp;
    • dried tomatoes 1 tsp;
    • brown sugar 1 tsp;
    • pepper to taste.
    • The third recipe:
    • seafood mix 1 package (1 kg);
    • butter for frying 100 g;
    • 6 garlic cloves;
    • tomato paste 1 tbsp;
    • chili pepper 1 piece.
    • chili powder 0.5 tsp.;
    • lemon peel, finely grated 2 tsp;
    • the juice of half a lemon;
    • dill
    • parsley bunch;
    • cognac.
Take a pan with thick bottom and heat it a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil. Garlic cut into petals and place on the pan. Fry until, until it becomes soft, then remove it. Now put sea cocktail and for about a minute, fry it on high heat, stirring occasionally.
Add the tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, carrots, herbs and zucchini. Fry all the ingredients for about seven to ten minutes. Add a little water if the liquid is too little. Ready mixture of seafood and vegetables, pour soy sauce and mix thoroughly.
Can choose a different recipe. Defrost sea cocktail and place it in a colander, let all the liquid drain. Finely chop the garlic and fry it in one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Put it in a pan marine cocktail and close lid, leave for three to four minutes.
Now tuck the seafood soy sauce, mix well and turn off the heat. After that you need to cook the main sauce. Mix pepper, one teaspoon of brown sugar and sun-dried tomatoes, two tablespoons of lime juice, olive oil. Mix thoroughly all ingredients, then add two tablespoons of thick cream. Now you can mix sea cocktail sauce. Sprinkle the top with sesame seeds.
You can fry the sea cocktail and different. Defrost, wash and thoroughly dry seafood. Take the chili pepper and remove all of the seeds, then finely chop. Chop six cloves of garlic. Melt in a pan 100 grams of butter, put chili and garlic. Fry on high heat for about two minutes.
Now put the pan sea cocktail. Fry the mixture for maximum heat. The extra broth drain into a separate bottle and use then for other purposes. Add one tablespoon of tomato paste, the chili powder to taste, some more roast.
In the mixture put two tablespoons of zest and juice of the lemon and herbs. Lightly drizzle with any alcoholic drink prepared seafood and carefully ignite. Wait until the alcohol is completely burned. Sea cocktail is ready.

Advice 2: How to roast vegetables

Vegetables - the largest supplier of vitamins and minerals for our body. Note, however, that in order to keep all the nutrients in the vegetables, you need to expose them to minimal thermal processing. The composition of the roasted vegetable dishes you can turn any of your favorite vegetables. Pay special attention to the spices and herbs used in the dish, as they give aroma and unique taste. Sharpness will add garlic and chilli.
How to roast vegetables
You will need
    • 3-4 medium potatoes
    • 2 eggplant
    • 2 zucchini
    • 1 bell pepper
    • 1 onion
    • 3-4 tomatoes
    • 1 carrot
    • 4 cloves of garlic
    • ½ Tsp ground chili
    • 1 teaspoon curry
    • 1 tbsp dried Basil
    • 4-5 tablespoons olive oil
    • salt
Eggplant cut into slices and sprinkle with salt. Leave it on for 15 minutes so that the eggplant gave the juice with the juice will come out and bitterness. Then fold the eggplant in a strainer and rinse with cold water. A good eggplant should have the correct elongated shape, shiny, intact, dark purple skin, juicy, without voids and seeds pulp and protruding stalk.
Carrots and onions also peel and slice small cubes. The brighter the color of carrots, the better – in the rich orange vegetable much more carotene than pale.
From bell peppers, remove the stem, clean out the seeds, rinse with cold water and dice it. On the usefulness of red pepper the most useful, rich in vitamins and macro and microelements. Yellow pepper by the degree of usefulness is in second place on the last are green fruit.
Potatoes peel and cut into dice-sized pieces of eggplant. Heat the oil in a frying pan and place the potatoes. Fry potatoes on medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Then add the carrot, onion, bell pepper and fry together with the potatoes for another 2-3 minutes.
Zucchini cut into slices, the same size as eggplants and potatoes. Zucchini can be replaced with zucchini, but in this case, before use, with squash you need to peel away the skin. Choose light green zucchini, small fruits with a diameter of 6 cm and a length of 15-16 cm, the larger the instance the more it has hard seeds, the skin is rougher and less nutrients.
Tomatoes also cut into pieces and add to vegetables. When buying tomatoes, remember they smell ripe and good tomatoes have a strong tomato flavor. Additionally, the redder and more saturated the color of the tomato, the better they taste. Naturally, she did not rely, if you have yellow or pink varieties. But in any case, pay attention to the intensity of the tint, no cracks and rot.
Put in the fried vegetables prepared eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini. Reduce heat and sauté vegetables for another 10-15 minutes.
Garlic is clean and skip through the press. Attach the vegetables to the garlic, pepper, curry, Basil and salt. Mix well, cover and bring to readiness for 5-7 minutes.
Cooked vegetables can be served as a separate dish or as a garnish for meat or fish.

Advice 3: How to make oxygen cocktails at home

Oxygen cocktail is a delicious foam of thousands of bubbles. It turns out it is very simple, when filled with oxygen juice or herbal tea. You can find a taste that you like best.
How to make oxygen cocktails at home
You will need
  • 1 Cup 200-300 ml;
  • flavor base juice, cranberry juice;
  • foam-forming composition;
  • oxygen source – oxygen tank;
  • spray gun air
Oxygen cocktail helps to strengthen the immune system and overcome various viruses and infections. This drink gives the body a burst of energy, improves mood. Prepares oxygen cocktail with the help of special equipment consisting of an oxygen concentrator and an oxygen mixer. If you have this equipment at home time making a cocktail takes a few minutes.
To prepare the cocktail in the houseconsideration of the conditions in a glass pour the chilled oxygen water.
Add the syrup. Connect the oxygen concentrator, set the flow rate of oxygen at 2 l/min. connect the mixer.
A plastic pipe will connect the mixer with a hub.
The prepared solution into the beaker whisk for 5-10 seconds, at the same time don't forget to provide oxygen.
Drink this cocktail through a wide plastic tube, not stirred, once it was cooked.
You can use a different recipe. In the glass, pour the cold juice. Add the licorice root. Mix thoroughly the mixture for 20 seconds.
To lock insert the tube of the blowing agent in a spray aerosol container. Remove the cap. Place the aerator in a glass of liquid.
A little tap on the cylinder valve with your thumb. You will see how the glass will start the formation of fine bubbles.
Wait until the foam rises to the edge of the glass. A glass for cocktails, you can use both plastic and glass.
Left after work the solution you save and use it for smoothies the next day. Put the solution in a sterile container and refrigerate. The solution cannot be stored in the fridge more than a day, because made from it oxygen cocktail will have no useful properties.
To quickly obtain stable foam, the foaming temperature basis should not be above 20-22 °C
Useful advice
For normal adult body, drink oxygen cocktail three times a day - one in the morning and two in the evening. Children just one Cup morning and evening.
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