You will need
  • - tool for installation;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • stud;
  • - pliers;
  • - the hairnet.
First learn how to curl your hair, as this is the most important component of almost all hairstyles of the 40s years. To do this, lightly spray the hair with water, comb, making a side parting. Then one strand of a width not greater than 1 cm will separate from the common mass of hair, apply foam for stacking, the base press with a finger and start slowly twist the entire strand. Remove it with your finger, making sure that it is not collapsed. The tips of the hair gently tuck inside the ring, and secure with Bobby pins or hairpins Phillips. So the section is ready.
To get a roller, make a few rings close to the head. When the hair is completely dry, remove the pins or remove the pins. On top to ensure that the roller spray hairspray.
Pretty easy to make waves, then bearing special popularity. Used waves of three types: narrow, soft and wide. A soft wave had sharp bends and was quite large, a narrow wave had sharp bends and was very thin, and a wave had sharp corners.
Sides of the head, you can style your hair with tongs in the form of soft waves, the ends to be Packed in a hairnet and secure with pins. This type of hairstyle looks very feminine.
For long and medium hair-a vintage hairstyle with a twisted up the ends. It will perfectly look, give the image of originality. Wet hair to make the braid or parted in the middle. If you have bangs, then put it to one side. Using the Curling iron to slightly curl the ends of your hair. Peel off a fairly large section of hair over the temple, necesite her odnorangovoj a hairbrush on all length. Finger gently twist your hair and lift the ring up and secure it with Bobby pins crosswise. On the other hand do the same. The rest of the hair comb, clip hair with hairspray strong hold.
Mens hairstyles 40s consisted of haircut "shaved" with left bangs and simply "Boxing". Were in fashion hats and caps, men especially do not care about trendy haircuts.