You will need
    • Enameled or plastic container for fish
    • knife
    • culinary scissors
    • salt and sugar for pickling
    • spices and olive oil on request
    • oppression.
Buy in store or market for fresh fish. It is better to take chilled salmon, but frozen, as long as it is not subjected to defrosting and re-freezing. Do not take cut fish, you need a solid, with the head and giblets.
How to salt salmon
If your salmon is frozen, put it out to thaw naturally. At this time you can prepare the mixture for pickling. Take salt is definitely coarse, it perfectly absorbs excess fluid . and sugar. Perfect proportion – 3 (salt) to 1 (sand). Thoroughly mix the salt with sand. 1 kg of fish should be about 3 tablespoons of the mixture. But if in doubt about the weight, insufficient salting better than to overdo.
How to salt salmon
When the fish is thawed, it needs to be cut. Cut to the beginning of the head. Do not discard: it is possible to cook fish soup. With scissors, trim the fins, vsporite belly chum and clean out the insides. If you're lucky, may come across ROE or caviar. They can also be pickle – milt along with the carcass (pre-wiping the mixture for pickling), and eggs separately. Chum salmon carcass incise to the right and left of the spine, remove the bones. If the fish is large, you can split it in half.
How to salt salmon
Open the carcass of a chum salmon and sprinkle with mixture for pickling. You need to apply it evenly. If you like fish meatier, you can add a little olive oil, because chum salmon are not very fatty. Not preclude the addition of spices to taste – pepper, Bay leaf, etc., but not necessarily. If you do decide to add salt with spices, they must be put in a container for pickling, evenly distributing it.
How to salt salmon
Put salmon in a container, put the top yoke – will fit a three-liter jar with water, leave to stand for 2 hours. Then remove to a cold. In a day chum salmon is salted, it can be eaten.