You will need
    • To pickle an automatic six pound coho salmon
    • you will need the following ingredients: dill
    • lemon
    • salt
    • sugar
First, have the fish filleted with the skin. To do this, clean the fish of entrails, vsporov her abdomen. Then separate the head, tail and fins.
A very sharp knife make a cut along the spine. Gently separate the meat from the bones.
Next, you will need a shallow container, e.g. tray. Long enough to lay the fillets in it not folding.
At the bottom of the tray sprinkle a little salt. Lay fillet skin down. On each half, squeeze the juice of a lemon. Mix 100g. salt and 60g. sugar. Sprinkle over the fish, cover top with lemon slices and dill.
Cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate for two days. After 48 hours you can bring to the table. Bon appetit!