Start the registration of a claim with filling in the mandatory details. Write the name of the arbitration court which will be transferred to the claim. Next report detailed account information of the defendant. For the organization it will be name, location, coordinates for communication (phone, e-mail) place and date of the state registration (for individual entrepreneurs). For individuals, enter last name, first name and patronymic, place and date of birth, home address, phone number.

It is recommended to report the amount of the claim and specify the amount of the state fee.

Now at the center of the page place the title of the document "statement of Claim" and briefly describe the essence of the treatment.
In the main part of the document will report the circumstances giving rise to appeal to the court of arbitration. Describe what has been infringed, please provide and justify the computation of the amount which, in your opinion, should recover from the defendant. Also be sure to specify the evidence to present a claim to the defendant, citing specific articles of the Law of the Russian Federation. Inform the court that you have made attempts to settle the dispute before going to court.
In the final part of the statement of claim, list your requirements to the defendant, addressed the court using the word "Please". Then list all attached to the claim documents in a specially designated section of the Application. Now write the date and sign, decrypt the signature in parentheses.