Choosing a dress for the wedding, make a choice in favor of a chaste and strict models. A wedding dress should not be vulgar.
If are you being married in the Church, the dress must be sleeveless. They can be short or long, it all depends on fashion and your personal preferences, but we cannot do without them. If it happened that you have a sleeveless dress for Church ceremony you need to think of something, for example, to purchase a temporary sleeve, knit, Cape, the Cape or Bolero, which covered the arms and shoulders during the wedding. It can be lace, fur or fabric matching the outfit. After the wedding, unable to take it off.
Of course, the dress that you're going to Church should not open the chest. This does not mean that the whole outfit should be tightly closed, can be a small modest neckline. The same requirement to back, Nude body part in such a ceremony is inappropriate.
Do not think that the wedding outfit should be the length of the floor. Now this is not necessarily important to dress covered the knees. But no mini cause in the Church! This is not a discotheque.
Color wedding wedding dresses need not be white (although white symbolizes purity and virginity of the bride, so is traditional). You can buy or sew a dress of any color, but preferably, it was light shades: cream, light beige, champagne and so on.
A mandatory element of the bride's wedding dress is the veil. In this case, it should not be a formal decoration, which can be mounted somewhere on the head or even only hint at her little veil. For wedding required a long veil, which covered not only the head but also shoulders, and back, and a dress. With this in mind, choose a hairstyle. For a Church ceremony, you should choose a simple hairstyle for wedding over the heads of the bride and groom hold crowns.