Advice 1: How to choose a dress for the wedding?

Today the choice of wedding dresses is huge. In stores you can choose attire of any color, cut, length. To the Registrar General now can be at least in Gothic attire, though dress Leia Organic - there are no restrictions. But if you are going to get married, some rules should still be observed.
How to choose a dress for the wedding?
The first thing to consider is the color of the wedding dress. It should be white or any other light color. Of course, most bride's white dress and choose. It's not uncommon to see a bride in red, green, purple dress. For wedding these colors absolutely don't fit. Bridesmaid dress should not be too bright or dark. In addition to the traditional white color is permitted beige, ivory, light blue, pink, cream. However, there is one "but". Often decide to get married couple who legally married a few years, often already have children. In this case, the priests usually recommend white dress to choose. The essence of the white bride in her innocence, even if in fact it is not. Therefore, the bride have children, pregnant, or just been married in a white dress by the standards of the Church looks strange. In this case, any other light shades are the best choice.
The second point, your wedding dress should not be too open. In the Church is not welcomed neckline, open shoulders and back. Length should not be above the knee. Of course, in the registry office and the wedding celebration any bride wants to look beautiful and sexy, and it is a pity to hide the figure in the dress. Especially in the hot summer. This situation has two options. You can buy two dresses - one for the wedding party and the other for the wedding. However, this option is very expensive, and to afford such luxury can not every girl. But there is another way - in the Church to cover all "immodest" Bolero, Cape, stole. Shoulders can cover up a cascading veil. If the hands are open, you should choose the dress gloves to the elbow.
As for the material of which should be stitched wedding dress, then there are no restrictions. But all sorts of rhinestones, beads and other shiny and shimmering detail should be a little, or not be at all. But this does not mean that the dress should be quite simple and inconspicuous. Feel free to choose satin, chiffon, lace. Popular now dress with a voluminous skirt on the rings is acceptable, but excessive flamboyance is still not needed. The West is quite a popular attribute dresses for wedding - long train. Of course, it is beautiful, but to the Orthodox tradition, this attribute has no relation and appropriate more for a wedding in the Catholic Church.
As you know, the woman is allowed to enter the Church only with the covered head. So be sure during the ritual wedding the bride's head needs to be veil or stole, gas scarf. But the hat as the headgear is not very suitable for the reason that over the heads of the married couple hold crowns - the Church's crown, why the rite and has the same name. If the head of the bride hat, it's simple uncomfortable.

Advice 2 : In what dress to go to wedding

Wedding is an unusual ceremony precedes the official celebration of the marriage between the bride and groom. Getting ready for the wedding, the bride tries on many different dresses, trying to select the most appropriate. Outfits of the bride at the wedding ceremony little different from a civil wedding.
In what dress to go to wedding
If you are going to get married immediately after the wedding, you can use that dress in which you plan to register the marriage in the registry office. This option is quite useful for those who want to save. In this case, choose a dress with covered shoulders and a shallow neckline. At Church ceremonies the bride must cover the shoulders, arms and head.
If you buy two dresses: for the wedding and for the wedding, choose the wedding dress below the knee or quite long, which is more preferable. The color of the dress should be light. Fit white, cream, light pink, blue matter. But not purple or dark green.
The texture of the fabric the Church the special claims shall not, therefore, the material of the dress can be anything, just not transparent.
Since the Church women come with their heads covered, and the bride do not bypass these rules. At the time of the wedding ceremony, the bride need to cover your head with a veil, a scarf, a stole or wear a hat.
If earlier the brides were not allowed to get married in skimpy outfits, but today the Church has gone to meet the newlyweds and allows brides to be dresses off the shoulder, open neckline. In this case, use a veil to cover the shoulders, Breasts or thin scarves that complements wedding outfit and acting as accessories.
In a sleeveless dress, use gloves to cover the bare arms. Get gloves up to the elbows.
You can purchase a dress with a train, but don't think it's a tribute to the traditions of the Orthodox Church. Bride in dress with a train, which was carrying small children, looks quite solemn, although this tradition came to us from the Catholic countries of Europe.
Her wedding dress do not sell and do not give. It should be kept at home.
Useful advice
Meet with the priest of the Church where you are going to get married. Find out from him the nuances of the wedding dress of the bride and discuss wedding ceremony.
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