You will need
  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - gravel;
  • - gravel;
  • - mixer;
  • - fittings;
  • - ready frame for the Foundation, or TES to the installation frame;
  • - cinder blocks;
  • - plasticizer;
  • construction material for roof;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - vapor barrier material;
  • - mineral wool.
For construction of a building made of cinder blocks construct durable and high Foundation. Strength is necessary in order to avoid cracks. If the Foundation will give even small cracks, it can lead to deep damage to the wall. The height of the basement should be at least 70 cm above soil level to avoid wetting the cinder blocks.
Dig a trench, add the sand-gravel cushion 50 cm Install formwork, install reinforcing her frame. Pour a basement made with concrete, preventing mix in the concrete mixer in the proportion of 1 part Portland cement grade 400 or 500, 3 parts river sand and 3 parts fine crushed gravel with sharp edges. Or buy concrete mix, ready mixers.
Full curing of the Foundation occurs within 28-30 days but after 1 week it is already possible to lay a cap. If conventional construction of brick or aerocrete the height of the cap of three ranks, for the installation of the building made of cinder blocks height can be increased by 2-3 rows.
The bottom of the base are insulated from the Foundation. After installation of the cap then put a thick layer of waterproofing.
Direct walls do 30 days after completion of pouring the Foundation.
Lay cinder blocks on cement mortar with the addition of a plasticizer is a special additive that increases the plasticity of the solution. Its use allows to save the solution in a plastic state after mixing and saves time when laying. Batches can be produced in two to three times less than when using the solution without additives. Dose needed to be added to the solution may be different, it depends on the manufacturer. Before use, carefully read the instructions.
The roof you can build any, in accordance with its architectural project. After installation of the walls to its construction should begin in the same year, to be able to complete construction before the autumn rainy season. Moisture will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the cinder block.
After the erection of the roof make the outer vapor barrier and obtyanite house with mineral wool. If you plan to hold the plaster, do it immediately. Non-insulated walls can get wet, which adversely affect the quality of the cinder blocks.