Today we can say enough about the widespread use of slag, in particular this applies to the construction of houses. The choice of material has its pros and cons. To determine, you should evaluate all the factors.

The advantages of the house from cinder block

Advantages of cinder block to highlight the resistance to fire. Such a home will not get any serious damage in the event of a fire, what can be said about wood frame houses.
Dwelling is cinder block and not hard to fix with minimal investment of cash.

The houses, built of cinder blocks, good resistance to natural disasters. This question is relevant for regions where earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes. Between the cinder blocks made to put steel rods, mixture of cement, sand, stone, – such a house can withstand strong wind gusts, no cracks and the Foundation.

The structure is a good soundproofing and thermal insulation, concrete is good at absorbing sounds from inside, don't miss the heat and the cold outside. This allows you to significantly save on energy to heat the house, his conditioning. No need to fear, and the fact that the house is imbued insects, in contrast to the wooden buildings.

Cons of cinder block homes

The disadvantages are primarily concerned with appearance. A material such as cinder block, not stalling at the current level, many other instances have a more presentable appearance.
Today, there are cinder blocks with a decorative texture, but it needs its own project and working with a lot of experience in this field. Only in this case it is possible to achieve good results.

House made of cinder blocks afraid of water, so it is not recommended to build in areas with frequent flooding. Or have to use waterproof materials and drainage system, which requires investment.

As for the talk about the dangers of such houses, it completely depends on the manufacturer - from what made the block. So better to find and check information about the composition.

Cinder block house is quite expensive. The final price depends on many factors. In the presence of decorative elements, the cost will be higher. You need to take into account the fact that often in this house have difficulty with pipe-laying and plumbing, due to the fact that the walls are thick enough. This will require special tools and equipment.