You will need
  • the body lotion.
Before you use a lotion for the body, it is desirable to understand for itself what exactly you want to get. For each type of leather has its own funds, so it is important to choose suitable lotion or cream, can not wait. In addition, the lotion can perform additional functions, to prevent rapid hair growth, or skin. To decide whether such properties need individually.
Different lotions and over the period of years for use in which is intended. Funds for winter more dense, not only moisturize, but also nourish. While lotions for summer must be almost weightless.
By staying on a particular tool, do not apply it to the entire body at once. The risk of allergic reactions is present when using any cosmetics, and if the skin is particularly sensitive, then instead of the moisturizing you can get itching and rash. Therefore, it is desirable first to test the lotion on a small area of skin and only in the case where the negative reactions are not followed, use it to the fullest.
Next you need to decide for what part of the body you plan to use the skin lotion. For different skin areas require formulations with various components and additives, the drier the skin, the more nutritious lotion should be chosen.
Once a suitable product for your skin found, it only remains to apply it on the skin after a shower with light massage movements. This should be done after each contact of the skin with water, regardless of how many times a day, taking a shower.
Do not try to apply to the skin too much lotion, otherwise the probability is that he simply will not be able to fully absorb the lotion will leave a residue on clothes. Therefore, the criterion of correctness of application to moisturize the skin can be considered only comfortable with her feelings.