Consider napolnyaemosti many ways of organizing space niche: shelves, drawers, rods for clothes, baskets for linen. This content depends on the location. If the wardrobe is embedded in the hallway, it would be appropriate to make a rod for hangers with top seasonal clothing, section for shoes, shelves for hats, gloves, scarves. Use the bottom of your kitchen niches to accommodate pots, pans and other utensils. Suitable for bedroom wardrobe, where would the rod in the 1-2 layer, at least 10 boxes, baskets and shelves. Useful storage drawers for clothes, knit and small things.
Select design wardrobea-coupeNiche you can fill the wardrobeof AMI 2 types: a full-sized or built-in. The first is a conventional wardrobe, made according to individual sizes. If necessary it can be removed and installed in another room. The second – recessed design, which is attached to the wall. This wardrobe consists of a metal frame, filled with elements of storage: shelves, drawers or rods. If you are going to rearrange the furniture, use a niche for a built-in wardrobeand – this will considerably save your costs for its arrangement.
Make samaritani frame without gaps fit into the niche, guide the measurement of its height at the edges and the center. If measurement data are not the same, the reason for the discrepancy and correct it. For example, a sloping floor can be leveled using chipboard.
Prepare pomeshenie mounting power hole in the order. Move out the outlets and switches, paint or paste over walls and ceiling Wallpaper. If funds allow, niche panel plastic panels – they will save your clothes and items flew from paint and dust.
Select material dreamatorium doors wardrobea-coupe used a variety of mirrors, glass, decorative plastic. Choose a design in keeping with the décor of the room. For example, suitable for the kitchen color, which blends with the facade of the dishwasher, the stove and the washing machine. Hallway indispensable mirror doors – they increase the space and will be an interesting element of the room. Do the wardrobe in the bedroom, picking up his doors combined material of wood and mirrors.