You will need
  • leaflets;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Let's say you decide not to buy ready-made countertop, and make it to order. Before you implement your plan, read online reviews about the products of a particular company. Although most brands of artificial stone similar in their physical properties, but still there are differences that you should pay attention when choosing: price, colour range, warranty period, etc. For example, a finishing material Corian has a 10 year warranty and is distinguished by its high quality and price. More economical products Kerrock is as good as Corian, but it has limitations in color. Translucent stone brand Avonite is considered one of the best in this segment and is recommended for products with light.
Then decide what thickness material is suitable for you, because manufacturers produce sheets of different sizes: from 3 to 17 mm. for Example, if you want to make the countertop out of MDF and stone, stop the choice on 3 mm acrylic composite. Remember, however, this design does not tolerate moisture and over time, the deformation of the working surface. Ideal for the kitchen will be the countertops made of artificial stone with a thickness of 9-12 mm. This product is moisture resistant and durable, as it has a large margin to the thickness that gives you the opportunity for multiple polishes.
Click a color. Here everything is limited by your imagination and kitchen design, as manufacturers offer many different colors and patterns of artificial stone. Some companies in order can to "make" the necessary shade. Just remember that on light countertops scratches are less noticeable than in the dark.