Start to eat properly. To help your skin regain elasticity, enrich your diet with seafood, which contain a lot of zinc, which helps skin keep elasticity. Also eat more pumpkin seeds and mushrooms. Hazelnuts, onions and dried fruit also does not hurt your skin.
Start making special masks. They are very easy to make in home conditions, they will not require you much effort and cost.Mask of kartoffelstube to prepare this mask, take a medium size potato and grate. Then add the olive oil, mix and apply on face. This mask is useful in that it contains a lot of starch which tends to pull skin and give it elasticity.
Mask Medani in any case do not use this mask if you are allergic to honey! And in General, if your skin is prone to allergic reactions, use the mask gently and not overdo it with the amount of honey.If there are no problems, do the following: a spoon of grind oatmeal mix with one beaten egg white and a teaspoon of honey. Apply to face in a few minutes, rinse. Honey also has a lifting effect.
The mask of belkovskyi cereal soak in the water. Protein shake in lush foam, mix with cereal, give this mixture a little dry. After that, you can apply the mask on the face.
Mask with bran and limonenel one egg beat to a froth. In it, add two teaspoons of bran and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add the mask and the zest of one lemon. Make a mask, and after that wipe the face with ice. This mask will not only tighten, but also a bit lighten the skin, it will look beautiful and healthy.
To make your skin become elastic and resilient, also do facial massage. Massage you can do yourself, amplify it using special creams that provide the skin elasticity. Remember that these creams vary depending on age, do not use cream designed for more Mature women.Beauty and health!