The most convenient time for fishing for carp is when he is busy looking for food. Summer from June to August, the carp is kept shallow, about 2 to 5 meters under water and when the water cools down in the fall, the fish descends to a depth of 10 meters, and the beginning of winter in deeper.

It is better to catch carp, since may until October, and some reservoirs and up to Nov. Favors for carp fishing cloudy, but warm weather, mild wind blowing from the South-West or South-easterly direction and falling barometric pressure. Also high probability for good fishing in the period 12-24 hours before the weather improves. To catch these fish is during the day. The gentle breeze that covers the water ripples will be of great help to you if you catch a carp in the creeks, quarries, pits, reservoirs. If the wind increased, you should look for carp in the place where the waves lapping on the shore.

To catch carp using the following gear: floating bait, srujana rod. Apply sinkers and a float or not depends on where you fish. The day of the float and the sinker should be used, and shruging bait you can fish without them.

In early summer the carp willing to bite on earthworms, in the middle of summer use, such as potatoes, pasta, bread, corn, peas, legumes. To increase the likelihood of successful fishing, I advise you to bait the carp in certain places. As bait is perfect any grains, boiled potatoes, hemp meal. If you expect to catch in the evening, the bait fall asleep in the morning or the night before. Carp – cautious fish, he is distrustful and extremely changeable in the feeding grounds. The fish can be easily spooked sloppy behavior, loud sounds or inappropriate for carp nozzle. A successful catch ensures you moderate, regular fertilizing. One more thing – feeding, and the bait must always match, otherwise the carp will not take the bait. Very quickly the carp takes the bait, so the carelessness of a fisherman can result in loss not only catch but also equipment. Be sure to take a butterfly net, without which to catch carp is extremely difficult. The intensity of the bite depends on many factors: time of year, water temperature, presence of current, size of nozzle, and even the magnitude of carp. River fish takes the nozzle quickly, and carp that live in the pond quietly, almost imperceptibly. Hungry big fish bite harder. A well-fed carp only slightly touches the float, in some cases, the bite, this fish is very similar to the behavior of the bream.