You will need
  • - a basin for washing hands or washing machine;
  • - washing powder;
  • the gauze bag of feathers;
  • - capacity for fluff.
Remove the pillow case from the pillow. Prepare for feathers and fluff a clean, dry container. Some models of pillows on the pillow-case has zipper for easy care. If not, gently podposite have a pillow on one side. Don't make the cut from a large, because the fluff is very lightweight and it is quite difficult to collect across the room. Cooked in the capacity pour the filler.
Shake the pillow-case and wash. The programme and the washing temperature pick up, given the material from which the pillow-case is made. If the fabric showed mold spots it rubbed or pillow-case for more than a year - replace it with a new one.
The down loop. Disassemble all the matted lumps and throw away the rubbish. Cooked in special mesh (gauze) bag gently pour down and wash in the washing machine or hand with a temperature not exceeding forty degrees Celsius. Do not pour too much detergent, otherwise the fluff will be very difficult to rinse out.
Washed bag with fluff dry thoroughly. It would be better if this will happen outdoors. Ted often and shake the down during drying to form agglomerated lumps. It should be light and soft. Do not close a pillow case filler, if it is not fully dried, otherwise it can form mold and fungus.
Clean pillow-case for a pillow stuffed with down. Fasten the zipper or sew on a typewriter or hand-hole in the pillow-case, which was filled in the fluff. Clean and updated pillow ready.