Disconnect the probe avometr or multimeter from any external circuits. Plug the black probe plug into the common socket of the tester, and red or white (depends on the model of the device) to the socket intended for measuring the resistance at the coarsest limit.
Conductor, the integrity of which you want to check, disconnect both sides from any external circuits. If stranded cable is checked, this applies to all the constituent conductors.
Switch multimeter select toughest of the limits of measurement of resistance. In the presence of the sound mode transistors turn on.
Connect the probes muydu themselves. Have avometr arrow pointer should deflect approximately to the last division, and the digital multimeter on the indicator should receive a zero (can display numbers 1 or 2 in the Junior category). If mode is enabled the sound check, hear a squeak.
Got switch tester, without opening the probe, the regulator set the arrow exactly on the last division of the scale (for ohmmeter it first).
Disconnect the test leads, then connect them to the wire. If it's intact, the instrument will show zero resistance.
For multi-core cable, the conductors of which do not differ from each other by color insulation tester or a multimeter to find the start and end points of each of the cores. Label them with pieces of colored tape. It is useful to check the cable for shorts between conductors. If the mode of operation of the cable such that the circuit threaten faults or fire, this check at all required.
Disconnect the appliance from the cable. The cable connect to the circuits of the device, in which it will be used. Not to be confused with its conductors. A multimeter or tester switch in a mode in which his battery is not consumed energy.