Article 131 of GPK of the Russian Federation, which establishes the form and content of the statement of claim does not specify any special forms for claims. Statement you can print or write by hand. But it is understood that a well drafted statement of claim will significantly reduce the time of reference and the outcome of litigation.
In the first part of the statement of claim must indicate:
1. Name of the court of appeal;
2. Your(i.e. the applicant) surname, name, patronymic and place of residence. If the applicant firm, its name and location. The same thing is indicated if the application is filed by a representative;
3. The same data of the defendant;
4. If the case will have on third parties, such as witnesses, indicate their details too.
In the second part you need to clearly Express the fact of the situation that violates your rights. To describe all in detail, but without further ADO, in order not to confuse the court with unnecessary statements. It is good if in presenting my situation you please provide links to the relevant regulations.
In the third part of the statement of claim specify your requirements to the defendant and petitions. Also a good idea if you will justify your requirements by relevant laws and regulations.
And in the last part of the statement describes the documents attached by you to initiate the process of proving the circumstances you described. Copies of documents are attached for a quantity involved in the case. Also attached to the application a document confirming payment of state duty.
Sure, at the end of the claim date and the signature of the Complainant.