You will need
  • a piece of paper, pen, calculator
Translate fraction in the number means to divide the numerator by the denominator. The numerator is the top part of the fraction, denominator is the bottom. If you have access to the calculator, then click on the button and the task is done. As a result, you will be either an integer or a decimal. Decimal can get a long rest after the comma. In this case, the fraction should be rounded up to a desired category, using rounding rules (figures up to 5 are rounded down, 5 and more - in a big way).
If calculator at hand was not, but will have to do long division. Write the numerator of the fraction beside the denominator, between them the corner, which means division. For example, the number fraction 10/6. To start 10 divide by 6. Get 1. Record the result in the area. Multiply 1 by 6, you get 6. Subtract 6 from 10. You will get the remainder 4. The balance should again be divided by 6. Add 4 to the digit 0, and divide 40 by 6. Will 6. Record 6 in the result after the decimal point. Multiply 6 by 6. Get 36. Subtract 36 from 40. Will re-balance 4. Then you can not go, as it becomes obvious that the result will be the number of 1.66(6). We round this fraction to the discharge you need. For example, of 1.67. This is the final result.