Remember the basic rule: trying to hide some shortcomings of the silhouette with clothes, don't forget to emphasize your strengths. The main feature of the figure of the type "inverted triangle" – shoulder width for at least two to three centimeters greater than the width of the hips, and a small difference between hips and waist. Such women look good dresses-bells. The full skirt will add more volume at the bottom, equalize the hip and shoulders and optically reduces waist. Dresses with draped skirt and a smooth top – up is a great choice for this figure type.
The figure of the "triangle point down" allows you to fit narrow hips skirts and pants in stretch fabrics. Such models pick up a blouse or pullover with cap sleeves and get ready kit for parties in cafes and clubs. Tunic with sleeves "the bat" at the expense of a good cut will also help hide problem areas: full arms and shoulders. To enhance the effect, wear it in combination with leggings and heels. But the wide tops and clothing with full sleeves is better to remove from the wardrobe, because they secrete a wide shoulder girdle that you need to visually reduce.
To give the thighs seeming splendor with bright, large pattern on the skirt. Combine it with a plain top cool colors, visually "shrink" the size. Remember that visually enhance the zone of major details: the pockets, the transverse yoke, pleats and belt. If you love jeans, you should know that the effect of fading on the rear pockets and the hips will also add them to the required volume.
Bag, the color merges with the clothing visually adds a couple of inches where there is this accessory. This effect you can use to their advantage. The main thing - the handle to the bag was located exactly at the level of the hips.