Locate the manipulator in time. This guy really knows how to get others to do what he wants. In this case, you may not even notice you are being manipulated. A huge Arsenal of tools: flattery, threats, the guilt, diminished, etc., communicating with a person, you are constantly under stress or feel guilty – before you paddle.
Consider why you needed the paddle. Do not pay this attention to his words: he says what you want to hear. Instead, analyze your actions and reactions. What you did caused a negative reaction, what did you like the paddle? Making two lists, you will see where it leads you.
Calculate which buttons the manipulator is pressing to control you. These are your weaknesses, and you need to learn how to protect them. For example, when dealing with those who are accustomed to take care of others, a manipulator may accuse him of callousness and coldness.
Stop making exceptions. The manipulator certainly has a few excuses as to why he is allowed to behave this way. This can be a difficult childhood, recent break-up with boyfriend, moved trauma, work stress, or anything else. If you are susceptible to manipulation, do not communicate with those who often play the victim.
Install a new border. Do not accept gifts, money or help from the paddle. For him, it's just an excuse to get you to do what he wants. Reduce possible meetings and communicate in private. Expose the words of the manipulator doubt. Don't settle with him just because you don't want to argue.
Be ready to defend their new line of conduct. None of the manipulator will not give up without a fight. Prepare to hear accusations of selfishness and cruelty. He will tell you and your family the pain you caused him, when pushed. Arm yourself with patience and calm. If you're anything wrong, it just that once allowed the manipulator to enter the trust. Do not get involved in disputes otmazyvaytes, and with time his energy runs out.
Pay attention to how the manipulator will react when they realize that he had lost. Sometimes, people realize that behaved incorrectly. Don't be afraid to give people a second chance.