You will need
  • child
  • children's book
  • stopwatch
One of the reasons why nesformirovannost skill coherent read – zvukovoy the principle of learning that captures the formal side of the reading process. At low concentration to the end of the sentence, the child forgets the beginning. Some have a narrow field of view, it does not cover some words in a row or even the whole word. Some children learned to speak and read only under this condition recognize words. Poor vocabulary significantly reduces the number of recognizable words. Finally, reading without a purpose does not mobilize the mental abilities of the child.Best option reading speed – the speed of 120-150 words per minute. Bad reading, the student goes to the list of failed students. He has formed a negative attitude to learning, he is experiencing stress, understanding that is weaker than the other, his self-esteem decreases. If the situation is heated adults, the condition is exacerbated, it can lead to psychological and physiological problems.
Get him involved in the reading process without coercion: when you read him, focus on the most interesting place, tell me that they are tired, and ask him to read a little. Ask questions about the story, explain unfamiliar words. Let these home workouts will be short (10-15 minutes), but repeat regularly.Do reading need and leave notes with valuable information that he is reluctant to read.
View filmstrips: short signatures to human resources, any change will help them to read at a comfortable pace.Take a parallel reading: you read the text aloud, and the child behind you myself, follow text with a finger. So he will test himself, not worrying about how it will appreciate.
Play word games – this will develop vocabulary skills of the child, will make it easier to navigate when searching for the right words.Test questions according to the text make up for each other: to come up with a question for you on the content, the little reader will have to work hard to comprehend the reading.
Teachers, speech pathologists also offer exercises to develop the vocal apparatus: the articulation of vowels, consonants and their combinations, this is especially useful if you have impaired. You can propagate vowels, read tongue twisters and chistogovorki. If you notice that the child mispronounces some sounds, not insist that he shall pronounce this sound in the exercises, consult a speech therapist who is professionally solve the problem.In addition, teachers and psychologists suggest to train visual memory (remembering and comparing pictures, the game "What's missing from the table?", memorizing letters, syllables, words on the cards). Reading words with missing letters, are the words from one semantic group (e.g., animals) with missing letters. He needs to know these words, read them, and to say how it is called in one word.You can write letters krasnobrod under them to put the numbers: based on numbers, the child will arrange letters in the correct order and recognizes words. For example:
2 4 5 1 3 6 Visual dictations are regularly used in the classroom in elementary school. The teacher writes on the Board a sentence of 2-3 words, while the children read it and remember. Then the proposal is removed from the eye, it must be written from memory. This includes spelling.