Stop snoring is very difficult, but of course possible. There are a few tips that are able to cope with snoring, limit it or stop altogether.

Please note that you snore mostly lying on your back, change your location, train yourself to sleep on your side and the snoring will stop.

Contribute to snoring is excessive weight, so to stop snoring a lean man much easier than fat. Take care of your health and discard your opinion of the weight, this will help not only to stop snoring but be healthier for the body overall.

Also cause of snoring can be allergic reactions, to identify which it is better to consult a specialist.

Please rate the degree of your snoring, and how much he bothers you, and the people around you? If the problem is serious, make sure to buy special pillows and also the device that prevents snoring is a so – called CPAP machines that regulate the flow of air into the lungs. For advice please contact the center for sleep disorders, where you will diagnose and select the device (it can be bought, but can be rented).

If you are a smoker, you should know that most smokers definitely snore. Besides the fact that it's a bad habit which should be get rid of.

Snoring in its most advanced stages can lead to a long stop breathing, called apnea, thereby increasing the risk of serious illness or even death. In some cases snoring can help only surgical intervention.