The short hair is a great advantage to have them somewhat easier than, say, the hair of medium length. Why? Due to the small length of hair they get a lot more power, and a growth stimulating substances penetrate into the roots and hair much faster.
First review and evaluate your daily hair care. No mask will not help you if you take care of them properly. What are your hair - dry, oily or normal? Choose a shampoo and conditioner based on its type, this is extremely important: if you do not nourish the dry hair, to grow to full strength they will not be exactly like poorly cleaned greasy, whose breath is disturbed. Do not apply the balm on your roots, better soak them prone to splitting ends.
Let's move on to masks and tools that are great for stimulating the growth of your hair. Probably the most well-known is burdock oil. It's easy to apply yourself, but it is much better to combine it with other components which can enhance its action. For example, you can make a salve from the oil, adding oil a little almond and castor. This mixture should be slightly warm and apply on hair roots - fortunately, the problems with distribution of masks and oils on short hair is almost not there. Lightly massage the scalp, put on a rubber cap or package and cover the hair with something warm (e.g., heated on the battery with a towel).
You can also prepare a mask of burdock oil, large egg yolks, spoon of honey and a tablespoon of brandy. To make this mask very easy - just separate the yolk from the protein (this should be done carefully, because protein can cause dryness and tightness), carefully RUB it with honey, and then add the brandy and warmed oil. This mask should be applied pretty quickly, to cool, and carefully rubbed into the roots. You should also cover your head with something warm.
Hair growth can be accelerated and with regular brushing - pick up a brush and swipe the hair about one hundred times each night, guiding the comb in different directions. This will enhance the flow of blood to the head and the hair will start to grow much faster. However, too carried away brushing also is not worth one massage a day will be enough to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and breath hair.