Advice 1: How to calm a nervous man

Unfortunately, people not always can control myself and successfully to avoid stress and strong emotions. Sometimes the person is not able to cope with anxiety or fear on their own, and in these cases it is necessary to come to his aid.
How to calm a nervous man
Speak with a nervous man, distract him from the cause of stress. For example, if he is afraid of an upcoming speech to the audience, tell about the rare butterflies, the drawing up of bouquets, interesting facts about cats, etc., Switch the attention of the person to another more pleasant subject. So he will be able to calm down.
Tell me about something fun, involve the person in a fun conversation or an exchange of witticisms and jokes. Bring a couple of funny incidents from the life. Try to make smile, even if it is weak. When a person smiles or laughs, fear and anxiety fade into the background and gradually weaken.
Convince a nervous person to walk a bit with you. Do not force him to sit still: as a rule, the stresses cause the release of adrenaline, and a person feels strong urge to move. It is best to organize a small walk in a quiet place, preferably outdoors. The less stimuli around, the better.
Turn on soft soothing music. If possible, convince a troubled person to have a little dance with you. Fast, energetic dances, in this case would be inappropriate. Preference should be given to slow dance, smooth, calm movements.
Invite the nervous man a sedative. Do not get carried away with pills, it is better to prepare a decoction of healing herbs. Perfect chamomile tea or a decoction of coriander. You can also suggest warm milk with honey: this drink love is not everything, but it helps to calm down and relieve nervous tension.
Prepare a decoction using one bought in the pharmacy herbal from depression and nervous disorders. This tool typically is quite safe and helps to calm down quickly. Pre-check to see if the personwho is to receive the decoction, allergic to its components.

Advice 2 : How to calm a person with delirium tremens

Delirium tremens, in common "delirium tremens" - a dangerous mental illness, which tend to people suffering from dependence on alcohol. Patients in the acute stage can hurt not only themselves but also others.
How to calm a person with delirium tremens

"White heat": the causes

It is believed that delirium tremens or delirium tremens is very rare and only in severe alcoholism. But in fact, this phenomenon of mental disorder, which could face every person emerging from the binge.
Delirium tremens ("the DTS") is a severe mental illness that requires inpatient treatment.

Usually the disease manifests itself a few days after the release of the binge, and in the severe stage of the disease may occur before voraciously. This happens due to the fact that the liver, pancreas and stomach used to highlight the body a certain amount of enzymes required to digest alcohol. If the person refuses sharply from alcohol, especially after prolonged binge, and enzymes in the body do not cease to stand out, is the poisoning of these same enzymes – this leads to delirium tremens. Usually the patient with delirium in the afternoon calm, but at night there are some serious aggravation.


Trembling hands and feet, poor sleep, nightmares, mood swings in the afternoon, revulsion from alcohol, vomiting are some signs of "delirium tremens". People with this disorder cannot sit in one place, he is very restless, after waking up from a dream he can appear terrifying hallucinations, which he perceives as reality, but he could hear the sounds which are actually there.


The treatment is carried out in specialized clinics and in intensive care. Usually patients "delirium tremens" put a dropper with diuretics, medications that support the liver, if required, give a cordial and sedative. Recovery occurs in 3-8 days, all different. Such patients cannot be treated at home. To delay the hospitalization is dangerous not only for themselves but also for society.

First aid during delirium tremens

In case of inadequate behavior of a person prone to drinking bouts (suspicion, the appearance of hallucinations, aggressiveness, motor restlessness), you should immediately call drug or mental health emergency.
A sure way to avoid "delirium tremens" - to stop drinking. If it can't do that, drug experts suggest not going to recover from the binge.

Prior to her arrival, the patient is required to lay in bed, preferably tied to the bed. When symptoms of "delirium tremens" are shown plentiful drink. To reassure the patient helps usually attached to the head of the ice. In the presence of the house or sedative hypnotics, you can also use them to pacify. In this state, a person is a danger to others, so it needs to be under strict supervision.
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