There are several ways to delete the sent message Vkontakte, each of which begins with your personal page. Go to your profile and on the left menu, locate the "My messages" or "My friends". If such links you have, click "My settings" - the bottom button.
When the page opens "My settings" you will see the "General" tab. In the first list ("Additional services"), specify links that you would like to see in the left side menu - put the tick in the checkbox "My messages" and "My friends". Now you have several options to delete your messages depending on who they sent.
If you want to remove the message sent to a friend - choose the right person via the tab "My friends". Click "Send message". You will see a pop-up window, but nothing in it do not write. In the lower left corner of this window click "proceed to dialogue with ...". This will open all your correspondence with one another.
Seeing all the posts, you can easily mark the desired (or rather, don't need you). At the top go through the marked messages to the right they are highlighted with a tick, and in the upper right corner there are options, including "delete".
When you delete messages from the list, don't devote too much. Limit yourself to 10-20 messages and check them for relevant information. But even if you don't remove it, it's easy to recover a message in its place a tooltip appears.
To remove a message sent to no other, even easier. Go to your profile and click "My messages". At the top, select sent to, and immediately see all the posts you ever wrote. Right near each message will read "remove".